Topic: Thousand War Arc Confirmed

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Also, Misaki is a goat.
(December 27, 2022. 07:37)Grav
Also, Misaki is a goat.

Best girl ever XD
(December 27, 2022. 07:39)RedHeadZoli
Best girl ever XD

Best waifu
Yes but it was too fast >.<

I wanted to see her life more times. Baka Kubo.
The Second Arc is very impressive, many new Bankais with many good animated fights & story continued. Ichigo/Renji/Rukia got boost. Etc.

It was nice to see that Bankai of the Ice Princess as well. The next episode will be fun af.
it turned garbage way too fast not worth the hype
Wanna explain why you think that?

BariBankroll .
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