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Alright guys, as described in the announcement, there are a few "catches" in this section. This mostly revolves around how you can get a game created in this section.

1)If you haven't noticed, you cannot create topics in this section. Why you ask? As stated in the announcement, we are making sure there are no repeat games in this section. If you have an idea for a game and you would like a thread for it to be created, please post the following format (which should be fully completed) on this thread. This topic will be looked at at least once a month and it will be updated with what's added to the section and through what date of ideas have been seen and accepted/rejected.

-Title of the Game:
-General description of how the game works (aka the rules):
-Creator of the game (who you want the game's idea to be credited to):
-Any other information you would like to say:

2)When a game thread reaches a page length of 500 or more, the thread will be locked and a new version of the game shall be made (a la Spam Kingdom style)

3)If a game gets out of control or it goes severely off topic, the game will be locked until a mod thinks you can control yourselves if it is re-opened or it will be locked permanently.

4) You may only post 3 games per update. Posting more will have those ignored.

5) A game which has been rejected once, needs to wait one forum game update before it may be posted again.
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yeah baby
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done  :cool:
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