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I appreciate all the work you guys put into bringing this game back and even got it working on android. I remember playing this way back in 2009 until it shut down. 

Ive been playing it for a couple hours on pc few weeks ago and now couple hours on android. I gotta say, its really good except a few little things that isnt working properly. 

1. Reading the skills while in play (little icon next to the character being affected) doesn't show any of the skills other than the first one or last i don't exactly know the order of priority. 

2. Viewing the skills of the opponent during the match is a little hard with the scrolling. It would be nice if it was sort of like hearthstone when you hold down on the skill and it pops out so you can read the skill that way. 

3. Maybe add into the play store (unless its because of legal reasons then maybe not lol) but if at all possible then it could boost the player base and maybe earn funds to support this project.

Other than these little things. I love the work you guys are doing and the game actually works!! Keep it up :D thanks.

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