Question: Are you excited for the Superbowl today?
Hell yeah of course
4 36.36%
3 27.27%
Eh. Not really.
3 27.27%
1 9.09%
Total - 100%

 Topic: Superbowl Sunday

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Most of my friends and other people around me are going all crazy over the game today.

Anyone else anticipating this game and if so which team are you hoping comes out as the winner?

Personally I never been much into sports I'm more of the music kind of dude. But yeah. Football is cool too.
Rooting 49ers only cause the Chiefs have been winning.

Go Pack Go ! (Next season)
that was a hell of a game holy sht
Yeah I ended up missing most of it but once it ended many people in this neighborhood were yelling and coming outside and banging their walls and stuff. Never seen anything like that people must take their football seriously. Jeez.

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