Question: Have you ever been into any of these games and if so, which did you prefer?
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 Topic: Which CCG/Collectible card games have you played?

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For those of you who have ever been into playing card games, which ones did you play?

Personally I used to be hard into YuGiOh when I was younger. Played in tournaments at the local card shop and everything. Then when the Naruto CCG came out I got into that as well.

What about you guys?
YGO and Magic
Yu Gi Oh was my jam back then.

I'm pondering about getting back into it but it's a hefty investment.

I had a Dragon deck and was going up against my friend who had an Elemental Hero deck. I used to play Six Samurai and Zombies back in the day too.
Nirvana 2024
My buddy and I play the One Piece TCG. Very fun and scratches the itch for both anime and card game content.

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