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1v1 War Rules Duel
No Full teams: AoE Offensive, Stun, Chakra Drain, Counter/Reflect, Heal. (2 Drainers counts as a full team)
No Copying team, (2/3 members is considered copying a team)
May only use one character once per match. Ex: If I use Naruto S in one game of a match, I can't use him on another team in that same set.)
Glitch or Disconnect is considered a loss of round, unless you and your opponent agree to a rematch.
Use of a banned character or full team is a loss of round, unless your opponent agrees to a rematch.
Any patches released after the start of the war will be banned.
Each player will have 3 additional bans.

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[Image: Default_Banlist_AK_vs_Midnight_Sages.PNG]
Simple Bans: juugo (s), Shigure, ET Yota
13yearoldkid bans: Anbu yugao, omoi, enko
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1) Simple 


1) 13yearsoldkid

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Simple V 13YearsOldKid

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