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The 1st place winner will receive $20 USD cash prize + forum signature.

1. All matches will be best 4/7.
2. This will be a single elimination tournament.
3. If you win your match, take a screenshot of your private battle history and post it here in order to advance to the next round.
4. Each round will have a 72 hour deadline.
5. Copying the opponent's team is against the rules. (2/3 characters).
6. If you disconnect, your game bugs, or is impaired for any other reason then your opponent wins unless you both consent to a rematch.
7. You may only use a char once per match (Example: You may only use Kiba once in a 3/5 match).
8. No full Draining (Remove/Steal), counter/reflect, stun, AoE (Melee/Ranged Class) teams. Characters like Neji(S), Kabuto, Zabuza, Young Nagato, Minato count as AoE. Y.Kakashi/Hanabi/Chouji (A) count as stunners. Characters like Asuma count as counter/reflect. Captain Shizune is only counted based on her character slot.
9. All Bijuu's are banned by default.
10. Copy characters cannot create a full team by copying a skill.
11. New characters that are added into the game after the tourney has started are NOT allowed to be used.
12. If your opponent leaves in the middle of the set they will take the loss for the set.
13. If your opponent used a banned character/full team/repeated/copied, you will have 24 hours to post the screenshot(s) with the time stamp(s) in the tournament discord server, and then your opponent will be instantly disqualified from the tournament.
14. In case of stalemate, BOTH players must clearly type "Stalemate Match" in the ingame chat. This voids the match and players may use the same characters in the same team or a different team.

At the start of each round 100 random characters will be selected. The participants will only be allowed to create teams from those 100 characters in their set for that round. Any character that is not on that list of 100 characters will be considered a banned character.

Dodging will not be tolerated, you are expected to set up a time to play against your opponent and complete your set before the deadline for the round is over. We will be using the tournament discord server, and participants will be searching their opponents in there, that way it will be clear who is dodging in case it does happen.

Click Here To Join The Tournament Discord Server!

Registration Form
In Game Name:
Discord Tag:

1. Laphy
2. Darius
3. Darkmoju
4. Dexterities
5. Oggy
6. Natsu
7. Exterminate
8. Allenek
9. MurderDragon
10. Gardmau5
11. Rexontra
12. h0bby
13. Frost059
14. TrillzMMA
15. WildHammer
16. Diablo
17. Simple
18. Mogreen
19. buckmeister
20. Beneh

Player for Tournament Organization
Aylas for Tournament GFX

Hall of Fame

Note: If you register but don't join the tournament discord server your registration will be invalid
Thanks for the memories 💚
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Round 1
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Round 2
[Image: FD_Round_2.png]

Round 3
[Image: FD_Round_3.png]

Semi Finals
[Image: FD_Semi_Finals.png]

Grand Finals
[Image: FD_Grand_Finals.png]
Thanks for the memories 💚
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Registration Will Close On May 25
Thanks for the memories 💚
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In Game Name: Dexterities
Discord Tag: Dexterities#2914
[Image: W3AhKWP.png]
In game OGGY
Discord OGGY#6069
In game: AStackzzzz
Discord: Natsu#6612
Ign: ExterminateTheShitStains
Discord: Exterminate#0613
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