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So let's talk about the elephant in the room.

Why do people have the need to lie about being "in a row" need help surrender please, type of shit?

Can we all just collectively agree to stop doing this trash style of play.
I destroyed a member from Holy Renegades after asking me to surrender bc they were on a streak a "SANNIN" at that!! while I am "Chunin" long behold i look at the profile after the fact and they were literally on a losing streak, like come on. this community stinks for this trash. not first and won't be the last i understand. but god damn.

I beat them btw, after tuning them out for even asking me.
tf is wrong with this community?
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They do it all the time. I just beat them senseless regardless. Makes life easier.

You are also able to mute your ingame chat any time you like.
Read our rules, you faggots.
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Ignore them. Move on the next match.


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