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[Image: GRAMMYS_BANNER_232.png]
Tournament idea by Allenek

-2 character unlocks by me
-The Grammys graphic bar
-Bragging rights

In-Game Username:
Discord Tag:
Nominate 3 Characters:

Game Rules:
- # of person tournament
- Each person will Nominate 3 characters
- Players will make teams out of the nominated characters
- Can not use any character outside the nominated pool
- Winners will nominate 1 character to add to the character nominated pool


- All matches will be 3/5 final 4/7
- Copying the opponent's team is against the rules. (2/3 characters)
- If you disconnect, your game bugs, or is impaired for any other reason then your opponent wins unless you both consent to a rematch.
- You may only use a char once per match (Example: You may only use Kiba once in a 3/5 match).
- No full Draining (Remove/Steal), counter/reflect, stun, AoE (Melee/Ranged Class) teams. Characters like Neji(S), Kabuto, Zabuza, Young Nagato, Minato count as AoE. YK/Hanabi count as stunners
- If an opponent uses a banned or full team a screenshot with a timestamp must be provided in order for it to be counted as a win.
- Players have 24 hrs (or before the next round begins), to reclaim the win for a game in case of disqualification.
- Any characters released after the start this tournament are restricted.
- In case of stalemate, BOTH players must clearly type "Stalemate Match" in the ingame chat. This voids the match and players may use the same characters in the same team or a different team.

Default Bans:
Chouji / Gaara / Haku / Ebisu / shiore / Jiraiya / yagura / Hidan / Kazuma / Itachi (S) / Tsume (S) / Sage Naruto / Female Animal Path / Darui (S) / Susanoo Sasuke / Danzo / Alliance Sakura / Alliance Sai / Captain Kankuro / C. kakashi / K.kinkaku / ET Nagato / ET Itachi / Kabutomaru / ET Han / C. Tobi / Rokubi Utakata / Fuu / ET Hashirama / ET Kyubi Minato / kakko / guruguru obito / all special & support characters / all tailed beast / All Seven swordsman of the mist / june 27th characters are banned

[Image: NOMINATIONS088888.png]


[Image: unknown.png]

The Grammys Hall of Fame

[Image: 01.png]
[Image: 02.png]
[Image: 03.png]
[Image: 04.png]
[Image: 05.gif]
[Image: 06.gif]
[Image: 07.png]
[Image: 02.png]
[Image: gohan_tag.gif]
In-Game Username: buckmeister
Discord Tag: buck#1325
Nominate 2 Characters: ET Chen, Fukusaku and Shima, Male Animal Path Pein
[Image: 3gIgWtK.gif]
Anko - Dosu - Tenten
[Image: Austindone.png?width=534&height=134]
Sig by Marceline.
obito, jugo, c. darui
[Image: 02.png]
[Image: gohan_tag.gif]
White Snake Kabuto, Kankuro
In-Game Username: WildHammer
Discord Tag:^Aylas^#3866
Nominate 2 Characters: Naruto,Lee,Ino

[Image: 8mEsHQ0.gif]

Moju #4594
Young Minato, Toroi, Alliance Hinata
gai s chiyo itachi bd
Hanabi, Shukaku Gaara, Temari (S)
In-Game Username: Byakuya
Discord Tag: 𝖈𝖚𝖒𝖙𝖆𝖌𝖎𝖔𝖚𝖘#0420
Nominate 3 Characters:
ET Kimimaro, Chiriku, Human Path
Read our rules, you faggots.
Leader of Aether | Discord - Clan Thread - Recruitment

[Image: FLWR2aG.png]
+Rehabilitated Gaara
Darui, Konan of the Rain, Tsume
Juzo, Sora, Spy kabuto
[Image: jsaPE1Q.png]
Tenten S, Orochimaru, Yahiko (old)
[Image: yc5m8Rn.gif]
Fri - Jul 7, 2022 16:27 Byakuya VS aupate WINNER aupate
Fri - Jul 7, 2022 16:19 aupate VS Byakuya WINNER aupate
Fri - Jul 7, 2022 16:13 Byakuya VS aupate WINNER aupate

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Shinki, chrome360, onepiecearena

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