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Can i please get unbanned from the discord?, i dont even know exactly why i got banned, i just want to help this type of games improve so it never dies. I also want to share ideas. So please. i dont know what missconduct i had but it wont happen again.
Who even are you?
Read our rules, you faggots.
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im Try. i got banned from the naruto arena next generation discord, and the bleach one as well
If you got banned from Discord in both Server probably thats not for no reason. So I think don't try abuse it anymore and move.
If you were banned from the discord server it had to be for a legit reason. Most bans aren’t permanent unless you did something repetitive or pretty bad

Id say give it some time then come back. Check back in a few days to a week
You should have been notified already about the ban and how long it will be in effect
Sorry for your inconvenience on our discord server

- Ian

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