Topic: Yagura is too weak!

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Yondaime Yagura is too weak. Please, tweak him. Make Coral Palm and/or Bojutsu Hidden Hook have no cooldown. Make Coral Palm deal 5 piercing damage that stacks every time past the 3rd stack. Or simply make Coral Palm deal 10 piercing damage instead. Do something cuz this is unbearable and disrespectful towards a Mizukage.

Also, it seems none of you noticed that Tailed Beast Bomb doesn't have the proper classes Melee or Ranged. Shame!
Yagura is actually in a pretty balanced spot to me. His damage output isn't small at all and paired with a good team, he's pretty solid. If a char design ought to be made to their status in the anime, it wouldn't be balanced now would it.
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