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- All standard NA / NB rules apply here
- Only Captains and approved Vice Captains can make substitutes
- All matches will be 3/5, unless specifically stated otherwise by a host
- The war format will be 5v5 Last Man Standing
- Copying the opponents team is against the rule. (2/3 characters)
- You may only use a character once per match (Example: you may only use Naruto once in a 3/5 match).
- No Full teams: (Affliction, AoE(Harmful), Draining/Stealing, Counter/Reflect, Stunner, Healing)
Full Affliction (This refers to Affliction Damage, not affliction classes.) Fukasaku and Shima skill 1, is mental class with 15 affliction damage.
Full AOE (harmful) includes things like Kakashi S team tactics or situational AOES like young Karin skill 3 with her passive active.
- If any rule is broken then take a screenshot to show the evidence (timestamp may be required).
- If you disconnected, or the game bugs for any reason then your opponent is granted the win, unless you both consent to a rematch.
- All characters that are released after the start of the war are banned.
- Each team will ban 6 additional characters not in the default list.

Default Bans: Choji, ino, Young nagato, Haku, Gaara, Ebisu, Second Stage Cursed Seal Sasuke, Sasuke S, Kazuma, True Artist Deidara, Nagato, Tsume, Hiashi, susanoo Sasuke, Danzo, white zetsu, Alliance Sakura, Alliance Sai, Alliance Neji, Alliance Lee, Captain Kankuro, Commander Darui, Commander Kakashi, Alliance Gai, Commander Gaara, Edo Tensei Toroi, Kyuubi Kinkaku, edo tensei Jinpachi, Edo tensei Nagato, Edo Tensei Itachi, Kabutomaru, Edo Tensei Utakata, Fuu, Rokubi Utakata, Rasa, ET Hashirama ET tobirama and ET Minato, all Bijuus, all special characters. Any characters released after May 15th 2022 ET

Arise Bans: rehabilitated gaara / White Snake Kabuto / a.chouji / Spy Kabuto / yoroi / Cursed seal Sasuke stage one

Ashen Knights Bans: ET Torune / ET Dan / Inoichi S / Gai S / Sage Naruto / Puppet Sasori
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tin8011 out --> tomato in

Bukcy vs Dorebel [0]
Bukcy vs Arez [2]
Bucky [2] vs trojanhorse4321
MurderDragon vs trojanhorse4321[0]
allenek [2] vs Tomato
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[Image: gohan_tag.gif]
AshenKnights Bans: ET Torune, ET Dan, Inoichi S, Gai S, Sage Naruto, and Puppet Sasori
AshenKnights Players:
1. asudekill
2. trojanhorse4321
3. Arez
4. DoRebel
5. tin8011
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He used full stun 1st game, full AoE 2nd game
3-2 gg
[Image: 3gIgWtK.gif]
[Image: Capture.PNG]

I used a banned Char Game 4
[Image: unknown.png]
3-0 ggs bro
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[Image: gohan_tag.gif]
Subbing tin8011 for tomato
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Thank you for the war!
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onepiecearena, Shinki, chrome360

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