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Do you fi*ing understand how ducking anoying it is to play this game from start , a new account. LV 0 with no caracters.

Every ducking time i try do missions with my lvl 7 acc i get vs lvl 30+ or lvl 40+ ...

I have stuffs to do and can't play all day... So it's so ducking anoying to stay 1 day just to do 1-2 missions because your stupid match makeing.

Fucking put same clases vs same clase +/- 1.
Or adds boots AI to play and never use others caracters except the one from the start.

Or elese...ppl like me will leave the game after 1 week of playing because it is to slow progres just because u get vs high lvl and better caracters
LMAO. Well I am sorry to hear you cant win using page 1-3, the most op collection of chars in the game. If you cant win with the strongest chars in the game, then I dont think this game is for you.
Starter characters are literally strong enough to compete with unlockable characters. Even the new characters. Hell, you got people in the top 10 and top 10 streak lists with starter characters.

If you don’t know how to play or even count chakra, then you obviously just suck.
Just make alternate accounts and you swapp in quick games. Easier to unlock characters, always ladder them close to together.

Anyways, if you problem with the game, I mean the experience we cannot help on it. It's your own problem if you doesn't know the characters and their skills. Highest level players not always means they are better.

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