Topic: Spam Kingdom: The 1st Edition

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damn... dying here...
helloo hiiiii
how come we cant edit our own posts anymore not like it matters
New client means roger back,
roger back means he hokage
hokage means roger first.
first means u second and down
down means u got downsyndrome
downsyndrome means u suk
suk means roger best
best means roger.
[Image: IMG-20210601-213242.jpg]
Sta piju picke
[Image: AAAABZFNYNnB66QlfiOKMmQgozv56hwY4Bs6Ds1q....jpg?r=54b]
Almost to page 100... I'm surprised it hasn't reached it already.

Probably gonna post second edition once this one hits p100. Just so you guys know.
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