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Arena-Boards Forum Rules
1. Don't spam. Try to stay on subject of the topic or section you are posting in.
2. No flaming or purposely putting down/insulting others.
3. No racism.  Prejudice actions/threats or promotion of any kind of racism-related content is not acceptable.
4. Harassment of anyone on the site is not tolerated.
5. Avoid double-posting/multi-posting. Maklng the same post 2 or more times in a row is an example of this.
6. No flooding. Posting many of topics in a row within minutes or seconds is not tolerated and will get you banned on first attempt.
7. No posting or Linking to sexually explicit or inappropriate websites, material, or content. This also applies to your avatar and signature.
8. Do not link to warez, cracked software, torrents, or make any illegal transactions that contribute to piracy on the forums.
9. Try to talk in a appropriate-manner for all ages. Lightweight swear-words are alright.
10. Don't in any way interfere with special events such as tournaments or other competitions hosted by the staff.
11. Scamming is absolutely not tolerated. Whether it be for your game accounts/passwords, or your personal information. Believe us, we will catch you. If you have been scammed or if someone attempts to scam you, immediately PM a moderator with any information and evidence that you might have. We will try to get your account back but it it's a situation where you told someone your password we probably won't be in any rush to help.
12. Do not impersonate other members, moderators, or any one of our staff.
13. No Ripping GFX work of others. Using somebody else's original avatar or signature without permission, even if edited slightly, is not allowed.
14. This is not a dating site, so don't post topics about finding a e-date.
15. Advertising or promoting other websites/services is not permitted.
16. Don't backseat mod. The moderators know what they are doing already so avoid trying to tell us what you think we should do. Don't roleplay that you are a mod either.

Important Terms and Definitions
Spam: A message and/or topic that is pointless, off-topic, or otherwise lacks content that adds to the discussion. Topics with misleading titles are also considered spam, regardless of the message content.

Double/Multi-Posting: Posting twice or more times in a row without other people's posts in between. If you want to add something, you should use the edit button.

Flooding: Intentionally posting many times in a short period of time with no useful purpose and an intent to disrupt the forums to the extent that it can no longer be considered double posting. Generally, four or more posts in a row is considered flooding.

Flaming: Any posts meant to offend or hurt any other member in a manner which is offensive and/or insulting. Even calling someone a n00b is considered light flaming.

Harassment: Constantly nagging someone with offensive or negative messages in an attempt to make them feel unhappy or annoyed.

Warez: Illegally copied software that is often associated with pirating.

Ripping: Taking someone else's original artwork, such as signatures and avatars, and claiming them as your own. Even if you slightly edit the image, it is still considered ripped.

Scamming: Attempting to trick or persuade somebody in handing over the password to their account.

Impersonation: Replicating someone's profile and/or name in order to appear to be that person. This also pertains to falsely claiming to be a Moderator/Admin of any "Naruto-Arena" project to try and trick the population.

Event Interference: Performing actions with the intent of causing disruption in events. There are several ways you can commit event interference. The ways to commit event interference are: Joining an event without the intent of participating, searching to private battle a tournament participant without being in the tournament, and spamming or flooding in event threads.

Backseat-moderating: Role-play mods. When regular members say things as if they are a moderator or make mod-like decisions or remarks.
This includes warning members as if you are a moderator when you aren't. The real moderators can handle their jobs just fine without fakes running around.

Ban Evading: Accessing the forums while you are banned by using other accounts.

Classified Information: Any information that is meant to be kept secret from members.

Drama: Immature behavior that causes a disruption on the forums and usually causes members to fight among themselves. Please, respect each other and DO NOT CAUSE DRAMA!

Remember: Breaking the rules purposely on an alt account can result in an immediate ban without warning, and it can affect your main account too. Troll accounts and trolling is also not tolerated and is a good way to get banned.

Thank you for your time,
- The Arena-Boards Moderation staff
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