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I am getting back to playing Yu Gi Oh irl. I'm working on a Six Samurai Deck at the moment and am curious as to what everyone's favorite deck is.

What's your favorite deck? 

What's your favorite card?

Favorite Deck: Six Samurai / Lightsworn / Dragon / Elemental Heroes

Favorite Card: Dark Magician
What's your favorite deck? Sky Striker

What's your favorite card? Black Rose Dragon
Favorite Deck: Madolche / Malefic / Libromancer

Favorite Card: Crackdown
Nice, out of those I've only heard of BRD.

Recently bought a Fire King deck. By the looks of it, pretty OP.
I used to be pretty into it in my younger years as well. I definitely miss those days.
Nice. I used to play when I was younger as well. Reminds me of chess where it’s friendly for all ages. 

Update : Dogmatika looks like a possible new deck with sky strikers as runner up. The spell concept in sky strikers make it seem like a fun deck. Dogmatika I just like the art and possible combos lol.
Yeah there's like all kinds of new shit involved now that wasn't there when I used to play. Crazy how things evolve.
It is crazy lol. Everything is pretty much Tribute Summoning with an extra set of rules. 

Synchro = Summon a lvl 8 Synchro monster equals tributing two or more monsters, including a tuner, that equal 8. (4 + 4)

XYZ = Summon a Level 6 XYZ monster by tributing two or more level 6 monsters, that in which they become the material of that monster. (Stacked below the card)

Pendelum = Don't really get this one yet lol

Fusion = Polymerization

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