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Chapter 1: The Start Said
Fuck Shometsu. Fuck Treston. Fuck you.

Chapter 2: The Hunt Said
After 6 months of not dealing with Treston's bullshit, Laphy & Mave made Aether into one of the only notorious clans within the NA: Next Generations community alongside Arise and Akatsuki. After reaching our main goal into crushing Shometsu and Royalty, we craved more. The game community is our oyster. There shall always be more people to terrorize..

Living through hatreocacy.

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Rules Said
- This war format will be 6x6 Last Man Standing
- All matches will be 3/5.
- Copying the opponent's team is against the rules. (2/3 characters)
- If you disconnect, your game bugs, or is impaired for any other reason then your opponent wins unless you both consent to a rematch.
- You may only use a char once per match (Example: You may only use Kiba once in a 3/5 match).
- No full draining, counter/reflect, stun, AoE, Inv, or healing teams. Characters like Neji(S), Kabuto, Zabuza, Young Nagato, Minato count as AoE. YK/Hanabi count as stunners
- If an opponent uses a banned or full team a screenshot with a timestamp must be provided in order for it to be counted as a win.
- Any characters released after the start this war are restricted.
- Both clans will ban 6 characters
- Characters released after XX YY, 2022 are banned.

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Default Bans Said
Chouji, Ino, Young Nagato, Haku, Gaara, Ebisu, Second Stage CSS, Sasuke (S), Kazuma (S), TA Deidara, Itachi (S), Uzumaki Nagato, Tsume (S), Hiashi (S), Sage Naruto, Deva Path, Female Animal Path, Susanoo Sasuke, Danzo, White Zetsu, Samehada Bee, Sai (A), Hinata (A), Lee (A), Tenten (A), Captain Kankurou, Commander Darui, Commander Kakashi, Commander Gaara, Temari (A), Mifune, Shukaku, Teuchi

Aether Bans Said
xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx

Monkey Bans Said
xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx

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6 wins. 2 losses.

[F] Aether (6) x (3) Arise
[O] Aether (6) x (2) Arise
[F] Aether (1) x (0) Midnight Sages
[F] Aether (0) x (4) Akatsuki
[O] Aether (6) x (2) Arise
[O] Aether (2) x (2) Royalty
[F] Aether (4) x (5) D-Clan
[O] Aether (4) x (3) Arise
Extra for gfx
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For name - Laphy
Organizing clan - Mav
Graphics - Mav
Being the only positive person - Oak
Being the best - every member

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When that new thread drops
Need to war and get that lynching part flooded with wins
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(01.02.2022, 03:35)Laphy Said
Need to war and get that lynching part flooded with wins

Read our rules, you faggots.
Leader of Aether | Discord - Clan Thread - Recruitment

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